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FAQ Collection

You can get more details from the menu "Help" after install software. Here are some common questions for all software.

#1: Here

#2: FAQ relative to installation
#3: FAQ relative to usage
#4: FAQ relative to hardware
#5: FAQ relative to buying
FAQ relative to installation

Q: I have just installed one product. Why can I only play part of Tests?

You need to register the product and install the Update Package to get complete library.

Q: Why no sound while playing materials in some software?

1) Make sure the player is playing; 2)Click any *wma file in your computer, make sure you can heard the sound; or you need debug your computer's audio system; 3)
turn up the volume.

Because this software just takes advantage of the audio system of computer to play WMA or other format files, such trouble has nothing to do with the software itself.

Q: Does this product support Windows Vista?

Yes. When installing this product or its update package, right click the .exe file, select "Run as Administrator."

Q: Why does the information “Please use Register Code to unlock software first” appear when I install the update package?
    Before install the update package, you should purchase register code (i.e. license) and register your

Q: Why can not define the install path when I am installing update package?

Update package could search the suitable install path by itself, which depends on the install path of your trial version.
FAQ relative to usage

Q:: There are many errors in some materials. Why?
       Many up-to-date materials are collected through the Internet, instead of coming from official organizations. Please tell me those errors as soon as possible.
Q: How can I practice more questions in Test Mode?

You must register your product first, and then install the Update Package.

Q: The effect of Recording is not so good, or the sound of recording is too low. Why?

When you are speaking, do not be far away from the microphone. Adjust the property of microphone by the Windows Control Panel: check the option "Microphone Boost", the effect of recording will be improved obviously.
FAQ relative to hardware

Q: Can I install software on another computer?
. The unique registration code (i.e. license) can only be used on the registered computer. You must buy a new license for another computer.

When you install our products, you can see the Software Agreeement. If you disagree the Software Agreement, please do not install our products.
FAQ relative to buying

Q: How long can I receive the registration code and Update Package after purchasing online successfully?

   In 24 hours. Please submit your ticket in the section Order + Discount if you do not get the registration code in 24 hours.

Q: Can my registration code be used in another computer?

   NO. You should purchase another registration code.

Q: Can I use this product forever after purchase?

   Absolutely. You can possess and update it FREE FOREVER.

Q: Is the registration code still valid after reinstalling my computer?

   It is still valid as long as the hardware keeps unchanged.

Q: Are there any Volume Discount Prices available?  
   Yes. You can get some coupons for your volume purchase. Please submit your ticket in the section Order + Discount.

Q: How to get the Machine Code?

   Here is a guide for getting the Machine Code.
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