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Trial version only is only available for downloading within one 3 days.




  The Rules of Software Customizing


1 We serve any individuals and businesses.

2 We develop the software for you as soon as we come to an agreement according to your application and receive your 20% advance payment. You should pay all fee after check and accept the trial version.

3 In general, we will put all customized software in Download Center as shareware which can be downloaded by other people. If you disagree, please declare your preference in your application. In this case, the fee will be higher.

  The Steps of Applying


Step 1: Submit your application by E-mail. In your application, you should define the usage, functions, demands and son on in detail.

Step 2: We review your application. Both sides fix on the agenda, fee and so on.

Step 3: You prepay 20% fee. We start to develop software for you.

  The Fee of Customizing


Free for special minitype software; Start with $100 for simple software; Start with $1000 for complicated software; Negotiable for specialized software.

  Notes: Every customer will receive a free CD which will contain your customized software.


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