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CD Storage  1.0.9

CD Storage

Can't find the right CD you want?

More CDs you have, more difficult to pick up right one!

In fact, everyone encounter this problem.

WHAT CAN I DO? Simply run CD Storage. Find CD by One Click!
CD Storage


CD Storage
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CD Storage

▲Store file system of CD into database
▲Explore CD at any moment without CD itself
▲Locate wanted CD quickly
▲Search wanted file and corresponding CD quickly
▲Export file system of CD as text file
▲Add comments and location information etc. for stored CD
▲Backup and restore database system easily
▲Applicable to all kinds of CD(Optical Disk), including data-CD, audio-CD, VCD, DVD and so on
▲Indispensable Software for Everyone


How to Purchase
CD Storage

Purchase Entrance
To check purchase and registeration detail procedures, please run software menu
"Help->Register Software"
Buy by PayPal directly: Pay registration fee to PayPal account ( and get license immediatedly.(Click above purchase link to know the registration fee)

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