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Forum Description: *Check status of order; Retrieve registration code; Change machine code; Update software; Apply for discount.

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(1)In order to protect user's private information,  any topic can ONLY be viewed by author and administrator. What is the meaning of [Permission 255] ? That is to say, you have no permission to view other user's post. You have to submit a ticket about your problem.
(2)When you submit a ticket, please choose a suitable Category first, and fill in all necessary information so that we can process your ticket as soon as possible.
(3)After you place your order, you will receive registration code(license) in 12 hours. If you do not receive registration code in 12 hours, please post your ticket here. Please note, check your Spam Mailbox first if you did not receive our registration code(license).
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common   [Software Updating] cannot update - [Read Permission 255] dd8802 12/14/2009 3/10 Sale_Support 17:14 12/15/2009
common   [Software Updating] TOEFLiBT Listening, Speaking, and Writing Conqueror Suite - [Read Permission 255] JEPOY 9/17/2009 1/3 Sale_Support 07:00 9/17/2009
common   [Software Updating] Nor Regestiration Code Sent - [Read Permission 255] sinan 5/27/2009 1/3 Sale_Support 18:13 5/27/2009
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